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Lynda McCloskey
The Oasis Healing Center
12114 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066

My dear friend, Lynda ~ “It is so” Woman
It is so Woman makes things so.
She takes her thread made of trees and waters and winds
And weaves the dreams of Heaven into existence.
Through her form comes matter,
Birthed onto the earth plane
Through an anchor rooted deeply into Mother Earth.
I bring things into existence, she says.
I will weave you from here to there
So that you know what already is,
And that what you dream to be
Is already so.
You too know this.
Yet use my bridge until
We are all there,
Where Heaven and Earth become one,
And we know that all we’ve ever wished for, can be.
I will hold us until then.
Allow me,
For I know it is so. 

~ Christina Morassi