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Cranio Sacral Prayer

Cranio Sacral Prayer

Cranio Sacral Prayer






CranioSacralPrayer is an integrative healing modality that utilizes the power of the craniosacral system, meditation, intention, prayer and the ancient chakra centers.  This work creates space to invite and hear what truly wants to be related to, called into and/or released in your life. This body prayer naturally and gently unwinds old patterns and ways of thinking that no longer serve and invites a change in your energy vibration that aligns you with your souls desires.

Craniosacral is a form of body therapy that uses a gentle touch, slight manipulation and intention to help improve the central nervous system functions, alleviate the effects of stress and release blocked energy created by trauma, tension or habitual beliefs and patterns.  This system consists of the bones of the head, spine and sacrum as well as the membranes and cerebral spinal fluid known as the Breath of Life. The regional tissue releases and allows the body structures such as muscles, tendons and fascia to naturally unwind.  This deeply relaxing modality releases stress, tension, pain and balances the nervous system creating more peace and stillness in your life.

My work as a practitioner is to observe the fluid rhythm of the craniosacral system, connective tissue and the physical patterns that your body is organized around. By witnessing the flow of energy with the gentle placement of my hands, I can sense where there is emotional holding and physical stress.  This work allows me to meet your body’s innate intelligence and reflect this information back to the body, helping it to find its own vitality and healing resources to reestablish balance and harmony in the body.  

When we tap into the Breath of Life, we source Spirit itself creating a space for the body-mind to create with your higher vision into the physical.

The benefits of CranioSacralPrayer include:

  • Deep and profound relaxation

  • Tension release from physical and emotional pain

  • The healing that comes from being deeply witnessed
    and held

  • A rich and potent healing field to set your intention/prayers in motion

  • Known to relieve joint problems, chronic fatigue, depression, hyperactivity and various diseases affecting the nervous, immune or endocrine systems 

  • Strengthens the Immune System by significantly lower heart rate, cortisol and insulin levels

Craniosacral is such a personal experience. However, most clients report that they felt deeply relaxed, held, and that it felt that they went on an inner journey coming back with clarity and peace. These experiences of feeling deeply nourished and renewed become a resource for you to access this inner state of peace, harmony and balance when needed.